Mickey Mouser at home

Meanwhile, back at our house, Mickey Mouser is emerging from hibernation.


Is it safe to come out yet?

He’s our sweet boy because:
When he was a kitten, a lot of people worked to rescue him from the streets where he would have had a short and difficult life.

PAWS provided him with gentle and thorough veterinary care, but didn’t have the room to take him in.

We fostered him, until we realized that he was our cat and we were his people. It didn’t take long to come to that excellent decision!

20 thoughts on “Mickey Mouser at home”

  1. Mickey Mouser is a gorgeous kitty! I’m not surprised that you had to have him 🙂 I love the top photo with the blanket falling down around his face. Very cute.

  2. In the first picture, it looks like Mickey Mouser is wearing wig 🙂
    Must have been warm and comfy under there! He is very sweet and special boy!!

  3. Oh Mickey Mouser! It’s so nice to see you today.
    You have started our day with a big smile.
    Best line ever – “he was our cat and we were his people.”


  4. What a fantastic photo set and the sib ketch matter is too cute for words! We hope we will be able to keep our sweet Sage, but Savannah is not budging on being fearful and always hissing, growling..and now Savvy is showing signs of being overly stressed with constipation and refusal to come upstairs where we try to let them be together supervised. Happy for you and wish we could have such successful integration

  5. that Mickey Mouser . . .

    Lucky Boy!
    Lucky Maggie, Rick & Tommie too!
    Always love a happy ending!


  6. Oh Mickey Mouser, you are ADORABLE…what sweet pictures of you! We are so glad you ended up in the loving home you did. (PS: Yes, that was Neytiri’s baby picture.)

  7. Oh, Mickey! How sweet you look! Oui Oui likes to hibernate that way too! Although we are still waiting for her to come out of her cocoon.

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