Shelter Cats

Marshall and Hubbell

Here are two more handsome black and white cats. This is Marshall…


and Brother Hubbell.

They were living outside, always together, fed by a kind stranger. When the man worried that it was getting just too cold for them, he contacted PAWS. Marshall and Hubbell are about two years old, and get along well with other cats. You can see that their ears were tipped at some point when they were neutered. These shy boys are happy to be inside, with a window for bird and dog watching, and regular meal service.


Not to mention a soft dry bed!

eHubbell2Marshall and Hubbell are looking for a home together. Come meet them at PAWS!

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8 years ago

What handsome boys! Come on someone, take them home!

8 years ago

They look very sweet. Glad the gentleman contacted PAWS and they are safe and warm now. I hope they find forever home together very soon xoxo

8 years ago

Those boys look so friendly and thank goodness they are warm and dry in the shelter. We hope they will soon be leading a pampered life together with their new family.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

8 years ago

What must these little guys think . . .
All that snow, then inside with all these other cats and people.
So happy they are warm, dry, safe and loved.
And now they can find the perfect home together and for always.
Wishing these babies the best, the very best.
• • •

8 years ago

they are sooo handsome! Hoping they find a furever home soon!

8 years ago

They are so handsome! TW wishes she could find a shelter for a cute little calico she’s feeding in the park who’s ear is tipped too.

8 years ago

Beautiful tuxedos.

8 years ago

Marshall and Hubbell are even more handsome in person. We are glad they are safe and warm at PAWS, but hope they find a forever home real soon. 🙂

Very handsome boys. How socialized are they?

8 years ago

We sure have all our paws crossed that those two handsome boys find a home together. We would hate to see them separated. Sure glad someone was looking after them. Take care.

8 years ago

So happy that Marshall and Hubbell came to PAWS and that the man was looking out for them. We send huge purrs to them for finding a safe, loving forever home together.

8 years ago

We hope they get comfortable enough to enjoy all the love you’re showering on them too! Such beautiful boys. They deserve a loving forever home together.

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