Lovable, Furry Grover


This is Grover.
His cage card says that he is a 10 year old stray. His cage is on the upper level, so when I opened it and stood in front of him to introduce myself, he put his paws on my shoulder and hopped into my arms.
He is such a sweet natured boy!
I don’t know how he ended up on the street, but someone taught him to love people, and whatever he’s experienced hasn’t changed his need to give and get affection.

Please come to PAWS and take Grover home!

17 thoughts on “Lovable, Furry Grover”

  1. How handsome Grover is! And he sounds smart as well as extra friendly. Sending our best adoption vibes out for all forever families! PURRS….

  2. Grover sounds such a sweet boy! And he’s got such gentle and beautiful eyes.
    I hope he finds his forever home very soon xoxo

  3. Grover is amazing, handsome and so full of love. He gave Tracey and me lots of snuggles this past week. Such a sweet boy, and we hope he finds a forever family soon.

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