Shelter Cats



Before she went to her new home last week, Waveny gave a seminar titled, “How to Attract Adopters” or “The Power of Cute”.



I hope the other cats were paying attention.

Update on the Shelter Soap Opera


There have been big changes in Cat Room #5. Morse was adopted! And beautiful Tai was moved from a cage room, into C5 with Jeremy and Julia.


She looks a little like Jeremy’s buddy Morse… But Jeremy’s not jumping into another relationship. Tai may have lovely white fur and blue eyes but she is a girl cat….


Jeremy is keeping his options open for the time being.
Tai has been at PAWS for two years. I hope the room change will bring her good adoption luck!

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8 years ago

Yay for the Adoptions
That Tai is one beautiful cat

8 years ago

Here’s hoping they all get furever homes. Did you watch the Kitten Bowl? I was disappointed they showed kittens playing with yarn. That is so dangerous.

8 years ago

Hooray for that cutie-pie Waveny!!!

8 years ago

We so hope that they all get adopted. Tai is sure a good looking cat. We have our paws crossed for all of you. Take care

8 years ago

Cant believe a looker like Tai is struggling for an owner-good luck to her in finding her forever people.

8 years ago

Tai is AWESOME. We’re still scratching our heads, wondering why she has still not been adopted. She’s doing really well in Room 5, so we hope it will be soon that she has her very own home. 🙂

8 years ago

Tai is beautiful. We hope she doesn’t have to wait much longer for her furever home.

8 years ago

Yay for Waveny! She is master of cuteness. I love her markings on her face very much!
I hope Tai will find her forever home soon. She is such a beautiful girl.

8 years ago

Oh she did a great job and apparently so did the others!

8 years ago

They are all such sweeties!
We are hoping for more and more forever homes!

We have to say too…that we LOVE the new photo you’re using as your blog header!

8 years ago

Waveny sure had cute down to a science! We’re delighted she’s found her (we hope) forever home!

Purrs to all the others for theirs, too. 🙂

8 years ago

Waveny looks a LOT like my current foster cat “Little Cat”

8 years ago

Oh my goodness, she did cute right! Congrats on their new forever homes and purrs to Tai, Jeremy and Julia for finding loving forever homes soon.

Yay for cute but also getting adopted no matter what. We like odd and not so purrfect kitties too.

8 years ago

Whee Such good News! She really was too cute to not be adopted quickly

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