The Artful Dodger and Friends


She’s six years old, gentle and friendly. Dodger gets along well with the other cats in the Meeting Room at PAWS.


Dodger was released by her owner, so that’s her own original name. I wonder if they had the Dickens character in mind, or maybe the Los Angeles baseball team?


Four year old Patches has a lovely calico coat. It’s just over a year since her people left her at PAWS. Still waiting…


That’s Snow White on top. Sheeba and Jasmine from my previous post are in the Meeting Room too. It’s like a sorority house!

All of these lovelies, and many more, are available at PAWS.

14 thoughts on “The Artful Dodger and Friends”

  1. What a little trio of delights. Patches looks like the organiser, little need some support and Dodger just looks like she needs a good home. I know they most likely wont go together but you could imagine the three of them being a great support team for each others. Sending them loving wishes for their forever family to find them.

  2. They are all really sweet and beautiful ladycats. We love that they all get along so well, too. Thanks for these great pictures, Maggie — we hope they will help the sorority gals find new forever homes.

  3. Oh, Maggie. Everyone knows that Dodger is the BROOKLYN Dodgers! She needs a furever family who will understand that.
    The name comes from the Brooklyn Trolleycar Dodgers. Has there ever been a trolleycar in Los Angeles? QED.

  4. They are all so beautiful, they deserve forever homes … even if they weren’t beautiful they would, but you know what I mean!!! Whoever takes the photos does a great job!

  5. Love to you all, you all are so sweet! Dodger is so beautiful! Big purrs for each of you finding a wonderful forever home.

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