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8 years ago

When we looked at your picture today we thought it was our Hannah with the black coat and white chin, paws and whiskers! Come over and have a peek.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

8 years ago

Oh Bridget, you are so cute and look at all that gorgeous floof. We have our paws crossed that you find that home really soon. Take care.

She’s gorgeous! We hope she finds her forever family soon!

8 years ago

So nice to see you having fun with that catnip mousie, Bridget! We’re purring for you to be adopted soon into a family who’ll have lots and lots of catnip toys for you!

Fuzzy Tales
8 years ago

Ha! Bridget is having way too much fun there. :-p

Purrs she finds her forever home soon!

8 years ago

Oh my, we just fell in love with that beautiful girl.

8 years ago

That Bridget has purrsonality and catnip…sorry, couldn’t help myself

8 years ago

Great series of photos, Maggie. Bridgit definitely seems to enjoying that mousie! 🙂

She is such a sweet, sweet kitty!

8 years ago

Bridgit, you are so adorable! What a gorgeous coat you’ve got and I love your cute pink paw pad 🙂 Enjoy your mousie and I hope you will find your forever home very soon xoxo

8 years ago

Oh wow, look at that tummy! Purrs to Bridgit for finding a loving forever home soon.

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