Black Beauties


Three year old Letizia is a friendly cat; healthy, fun loving, and ready for a new home. She gets along well with other cats and is happy to greet visitors. She’s been waiting at PAWS since October.

eDelilia2Her roommate Delilah, is equally outgoing. It’s only a month since she came to the shelter.


They live in an open cat room, so we use the photographs on the wall to tell them apart. Do you think I identified them correctly?


Letizia and Delilia would like to be your Valentines.

14 thoughts on “Black Beauties”

  1. It looks like you did…did you? Purrs to both of them for finding wonderful forever homes soon. Letizia is such a beauty! Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow kitties!

  2. Such beautiful panther girls!!!
    We can tell them apart!!!

    It reminds us of a very cool exercise Glogirly did in a high school personal communications class. For the last day, the teacher brought in a daisy for each senior in the class. Everyone stood in a circle and was handed their daisy and told to look at it, study it, get to know it. They held their daisies for a few minutes. Then everyone tossed their daisy into a pile in the center of the room. After a few words from the teacher, everyone was told to find their daisy. It didn’t take long at all.

    EVERY person, EVERY cat, and even every daisy is special and unique.

  3. Letizia, that is such a cute picture of you. We sure hope that both of you find a home really soon. We love Black cats, they are the best. Take care.

  4. They are both such sleek and shiny house panthers! And SO sweet, too. We can tell them apart, but we have lots of practice with that at home with Gracie and Zoe. 🙂

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