Shelter Cats

The Tale of Three Kitties


Super outgoing and friendly Jeremy came to PAWS with his older sister Julia.


Julia is nine years old and of a more retiring nature. Their information cards specify that they must be placed together.


The plot thickens…
Jeremy and Julia live in Cat Room #5 with Morse. This beautiful young stud muffin has yet to celebrate his second birthday.


Jeremy and Morse have developed a very special relationship.


Stay tuned for the next episode of Shelter Cats!

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8 years ago

The Room 5 Cats are all so wonderful. They really seem to get along so nicely. 🙂

8 years ago

Such lookers! I sure hope that home comes calling before you know it!

How adorable! As much as we love this tale, we hope they find wonderful forever homes before we can get to the next episode.

8 years ago

Oh Morse, just look at those gorgeous eyes. Can’t wait to hear all this turns out. Maybe someone will adopt all three. That would be so great. We have all our paws crossed for you three. Take care.

8 years ago

What sweeties they all are. It always warms our hearts when the kitties in the shelters develop special bonds with each other, that is beautiful. Purrs and prayers to all three for finding the right and perfect forever home.

Angel MoMo
8 years ago

Gorgeous kitties. Wonderful how Morse and Jeremy get on so well. Purrs that they get loving forever homes soon. Even better if it is together.

8 years ago

Oh just in time for V’day! But what about Julia? This is my dream for them: a person who has one cat left decides to adopt these three together and all four live happily ever after.

8 years ago


Sundance, Cocoa and I are on pins and needles waiting for episode two . . .

8 years ago

Jeremy and Morse looks like bonding very nicely. Now it will be wonderful if three of them get home together 🙂

8 years ago

What sweeties!!! And better than any of the silly soap operas on TV.
We’re purring for forever homes for ALL the PAWS kitties.

8 years ago

It’s so sweet when kitties can get along! PAWS kitties always look so well loved! xox

8 years ago

Think all 3 could get adopted together? Stay tuned!

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