10 thoughts on “Tinker Belle”

  1. Tinker Belle is such a beautiful girl!
    This makes us sad though that she’s been at the shelter for so long…though I suspect there are other kitties that have been there even longer.

    Not long ago I was at the shelter I work with here in MN and they were telling me about a senior cat who had just been adopted the day before. I think his name was Bear. He had been at the shelter so long, I don’t think anyone ever dreamed he’d be adopted. It was as if he was a permanent resident. When they told me the story of how a woman came in, fell in love with him and just had to take him home it brought tears to my eyes. He’d been at the shelter for over 8 years.

    Prayers for all the kitties waiting for their lives to change. It’s never too late.


  2. she is GORGEOUS! I am stunned that she hasn’t been adopted yet. I sooo wish you had sharing buttons on your blog it makes it so much easier to share the kitties.

  3. Tinker Belle is so beautiful. I love her marking on her head! Surprised that she hasn’t found her home so long. I hope she will find the forever home and family very soon.

  4. Tinker Belle is an amazing cat! And what wonderful pictures of her, Maggie. Her eyes just GLOW, don’t they? She loves laps, playing, being brushed and pet … truly awesome. Paws and fingers crossed for a forever home. Soon!

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