Shelter Cats

Patches (and Rusty)


I bet there will be plenty of catnip toys for pretty Patches and her brother Rusty in their new home.


Occasionally I’m asked to work with new volunteers, showing them how we clean the cat cages and the open rooms at PAWS.
I hear two things from most of them:

1. They were hesitant to volunteer because they thought it would be too depressing.

2. They were afraid they’d want to bring all the cats home.

I have to admit that sometimes it is sad to hear what some of the cats have experienced. But being part of the solution, bringing kindness and affection into their lives is a joyous activity. And, there is working with people who share a goal and have a common outlook. Knowing that just getting a cat to come forward in the cage; enjoying the touch of your hand, hearing them purr, means that the next time a potential adopter comes in they’ll get a reception from the cat that can result in a new forever home… it’s very rewarding.

Of course you, as a volunteer, might fall in love with a particular cat. And that might result in an adoption…
But is that so bad? There are between 80 and 100 cats at PAWS depending on the time of the year. Are you going to want to take them all home? Yikes!

Just think, you can be like a grandparent. Visit, lavish the cats with love, then go home and relax with only a bit more cat hair on your clothing.

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8 years ago

soooo happy for Rusty and Patches and I am jumping up and down with JOY about your new SHARE BUTTONS!! Now we can ALL share your beautiful babies who need homes! YESSSSSSSSS! xoxo

8 years ago

I love that happy news!

It’s always wonderful to hear about happy endings!

8 years ago

what cuties! I am so happy they found forever homes!

8 years ago

We are over the moon about Rusty and Patches II. They are such awesome cats, and we have been wondering when they would finally find the forever home they so deserved. 🙂

And yes, we agree about volunteering. We get SO much more than we put in — what an amazingly joyous activity and privilege to work with these kitties! 🙂

8 years ago

I’m so happy and hope these two have a lovely life in their new home.

8 years ago

So glad that they found their forever home They sure have pretty colors of furs. I wouldn’t mind volunteering at a no kill shelter but I sure don’t want to do one that they kill them every three or four days. I do understand why they have to do that though. Take care.

8 years ago

We are so happy to hear that wonderful news.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

8 years ago

Such great news! Congrats on this great new home you have kitties!

8 years ago

What a wonderful post about PAWS and being a volunteer there. So happy for the adoption news and wishing Patches and Rusty a wonderful future!

8 years ago

YAY for Rusty & Patches!!!
…thank you for such a wonderful message about volunteering. You’re absolutely right, there is much joy to be had knowing that each step, each little bit of progress, brings a kitty that much closer to their forever home.

8 years ago

Love when you do a series of pictures of showing the kitties at play!
Love that Patches and Rusty found their people!

Love the encouraging words you wrote about volunteering,
You hit all my reservations about volunteering.
And added many lovely benefits for the volunteereeee . . .
YOU are making me think twice . . .

• • •

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