Noel has come to stay in Cat Room #1 now that Ella and Katie have been adopted. He’s a lovely mannered 11 year old boy cat. He’s cautiously adjusting to the shelter but his sweet disposition is clear.


For good luck, I gave him a hammock. Every cat that has slept in it has gotten adopted. Sure hope it works for Noel!

15 thoughts on “Noel”

  1. I hope it works too! I’ve already fallen for him. Look at that face! That first photo is irresistible. But it makes me sad that after 11 years, he’s at a shelter. I won’t judge the human(s), as I don’t know what happened (death, loss of job, etc.), but I have fingers crossed for a wonderful forever home for him soon. Purrs to him from Nicki and Derry.

  2. We sure hope that hammick works too for you Noel. And with that name, you really should find a home right now. You sure are handsome. Take care.

  3. Noel is SO sweet and gentle. I spent some time with him on Sunday, and finally coaxed him onto that perch right outside his cage. Looks like you were able to do so, too! 🙂

  4. Oh, I want him! (Alas, it is not to be.)
    I thought he was kitten too.
    11 years??? Oh my!
    This baby has good genes and was well cared for.
    What a love!


  5. Noel looks such a sweet kitty! We sure hope the lucky hammock works and he finds his forever home quickly!
    We hope you all stay warm xoxo

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