Maya and Skylar


Maya is friendly and confident. She gets along well with other cats as long as they know that she’s the boss.


Maya is full of personality.


Her companion is named Skylar.


He’s friendly and enjoys being petted but is a bit more reserved. Possibly the result of living with Maya!

This lovely pair is waiting for a new home at PAWS.

12 thoughts on “Maya and Skylar”

  1. Aren’t they gorgeous? We hope they find wonderful homes. Nicki says there’s only one boss in our house…him. The human says there’s only one boss in the house…her. Guess which one wins? Haha!

  2. Talk about a Glamor Puss!
    That Maya is a Princess!
    And Skylar is so Handsome.
    My Cocoa girl wants to meet him!

    Homes for the Holidays to All
    And to all a Good Night
    or Good Morning
    uh, or Good Afternoon

  3. Oooooohhhhhhhh, they are such beautiful kitties. Maya certainly looks every inch a diva. Hope they get a loving furever home together very soon.

  4. Those two sure are pretty kitties. We sure hope they find their forever home really soon. They look like really nice cats. We sure have our paws crossed for you.

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