Mr. Whiskers


His name is really Sparkles II, but he’s got the most magnificent whiskers!

eSparkleII2Eight year old Sparkles II is a friendly cat looking for a new home. He’s got skin allergies which require a special diet and some medication. But if you open your heart, the love you will get back is beyond measure.

12 thoughts on “Mr. Whiskers”

  1. Those are the biggest whiskers we’ve EVER seen!!!
    WOW! I’m pretty sure we just got a case of whisker-envy!

    Lots of (((purrs))) for Sparkles II…we hope he finds the purrfect forever home very soon!

  2. Sparkle II sure is a handsome boy. And those are sure fantastic whiskers. We just hope you find your forever family really soon. Take care.

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