Seven year old Jeremy is loving and playful. He gets along fine with the other cats in his room and enjoys toys, lounging on the couch, and people.


Come and get him!

Wee Willie Winkie


It’s sad to see a kitten spending the cutest time of his or her life at the shelter. Wee Willie Winkie is adventurous and very sweet. Here he is the third or fourth time I had to fish him out of the trash can while cleaning. Adopting a very young cat requires some baby proofing and way more monitoring!

12 thoughts on “Jeremy”

  1. These two so need a loving home. I so miss the kitten stage even though some of it defies belief and needs strategic forward planning to work out how much trouble a baby cat can get into. Jeremy looks lovely with his gorgeous big green eyes. Those need to be staring into his forever owner’s eyes and communicating love.

  2. These sweeties are so adorable. Jeremy looks so young! Almost like a teenage kitten! We’re sending lots of positive purrs in hopes of these cuties finding a forever home.

  3. Oops! We forgot to write that Wee Willie Winkie is awesome, too. He’s lovely, and all ready for a forever home — maybe he’ll have one in time for Thanksgiving!

  4. Jeremy is so handsome. We sure hope he gets a wonderful home. And Wee Willie Winkie, how could you not find a purrfect home with that name. Take care.

  5. My Cocoa Kitty girl wants me to go fetch both of them!
    They have exotic furs! She is in love, me too!
    A 4,000 miles round trip is a bit much for us.
    Please someone in Norwalk your kitties are waiting . . .
    Please find them today!

    Sending good adoption vibes to Norwalk . . .

    Keep us posted


  6. Darling, precious boys!…Good luck finding great homes for these babies asap…Happy weekend, sweet friends…kisses…Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

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