Fair Ladies


This is Snickers who came to the shelter late last Summer. She’s nine years old. Snickers doesn’t like other felines and would be happy to be someone’s only cat.



Eight year old Esme is active and friendly, if a little shy with strangers. She came to PAWS a month ago as an “owner release.” Esme is curious but peace loving. She likes to keep an eye on the other cats in her room from a high perch.



11 thoughts on “Fair Ladies”

  1. Snickers, you look just like our Baby Doll who also does not like other felines. We sure hope we could find a home for Baby Doll too who needs an only animal home. Love the song. Take care and have a great Saturday.

  2. Esme and Snickers are both so pretty. We wish them both loving forever homes where they are adored and cherished. We like your words too!

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