Tommie at 15


When our Tommie had his yearly wellness exam last November, including a blood test because he’s an official older dude, everything looked fine. In the Spring I noticed him drinking a LOT of water and peeing much more frequently, so we went to the vet. After a series of tests it was determined that he has the beginnings of kidney disease and had lost two pounds!

How could he have gone downhill so fast? Then I realized that while it was only 6 months in my calendar, in cat years, it was 2 years later for Tommie. Annual wellness exams are very important. Paying attention to our cats’ changes in weight or habits is equally so.

We give Tommie subcutaneous fluids twice a week. He won’t eat the prescription foods that are low in phosphorus for kidney disease, so I mix a binder into his food twice a day to prevent the phosphorus from being absorbed. In another month he’ll have a blood test to see how his innards are doing.

But, I can tell he’s a happy boy. He sleeps in the open and doesn’t hide. He delivers his favorite mouse toy to our bedroom every night announcing its arrival as he climbs the stairs. And he purrs me to sleep lying by my pillow.

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  1. Awww, Tommie…What a sweetie. Aging isn’t for sissies, as the saying goes. We’re glad you’re getting such good care. Purrs from us and smooches from our human.

  2. Oh, sweet Tommie!!! We’re sorry to hear you’re kidneys aren’t playing nice. But we know you’re getting the BEST of care! Big hugs and purrs from all of us.
    …and no one, I mean NO ONE, has such pawsome paws.
    Katie, Glogirly & Waffles

  3. We are very sorry to hear about sweet Tommie. We can totally relate. Jewel was diagnosed with kidney disease nearly a year ago now. She’s finally stable on a phosphorus binder, blood pressure medication, and sub-q fluids.

    Hang in there. There are many ups and downs to this disease. Reach out to us if you ever need or want to talk.

    Carmine, Milita, and Jewel

  4. Our Mum is so longing to kiss Tommie’s toesies. We’re sorry he has kidney disease – one of Mum’s before cats had it and she hadn’t ever thought about cats getting kidney disease before then.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I’m so sorry to hear your Tommie’s kidney is not doing well. But so glad you caught the change and he is getting such good care. Yearly exam is very important and I’ve heard every 6 months is better for senior kitties. Purrs for Tommie from all of us. Goro, Niko and Tamago xoxoxo

  6. I’m sorry to hear about Tommie’s CRF; I went through the same thing with my beloved Cindy. He’s a lucky boy to have such good caretakers. I know how much it hurts you, though. Purrs.

  7. Thank you Derry and Nicki! I have been to Tanya’s CRF site and it’s got a wealth of good information for dealing with the disease. I knew if I wrote about Tommie that I would get lots of ideas and support for him!

  8. Tommie you are an Excellent Good Boy!
    A Very Happy Birthday to you!
    You look “Marvelous!”
    Much love & happiness to You and Maggie!

  9. Looking good, sweet Tommie. We are sorry to hear about your kidney issues, but we know that you have the BEST Mom and Dad, and that you are receiving the best care. And that you are happy and loved (and those are the most important things of all)! Hugs!

  10. Sweet Tommie – that’s a really yucky disease. Glad your mom found Tanya’s site. There’s also a Yahoo group that was a lifesaver for our Mom when our friend Oliver had CRF. Hint: Costco has the best prices on saline and meds. And you don’t have to be a member.

  11. Tommie I am sending you my best rumbly purrs old fella and hope you continue to enjoy life at home where you are so well loved. My ape loves your paws.

    Luff from Mungo

  12. Our boys too are starting to show signs of early kidney disease (Rocky more than Silly). You do what you can to help keep the symptoms at bay but in the end you know it’s the natural course of things to some degree. Having been here before, I know it all too well.

  13. I just realized my paw tapping was pretty bad. I was trying to say that you are looking mighty fine Tommie. Hugs from all. of us.

  14. Hi Tommie! Lookit that – you’re a polydactyl kitty just like me!!! I love your paws….we’re special guys aren’t we…..I’m happy that you’re 15 years old too. I’m sorry that you’ve got the start of that nasty old kidney disease which does happen to lots of us when we get older. I’m hoping I don’t get it BUT Mom keeps a close eye on me so hopefully if I do start showing signs Mom can stay on top of it for me like your humans do!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  15. Hi Tommy, We are so glad that you have such a good Mom who is taking such good care of you. We sure hope the fluids help and they should. We have had several cats with Kidney disease and they were fine for a long time. Sending tons and tons of purrs.

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