Shelter Cats

Time Out For Katie


Sunday, Katie was lying in her hammock waiting to come out and play. The volunteers write the cats’ names and the schedule on a white board daily to make sure that everyone gets enough time out of their cages for freedom and exercise.


I bought a clock for the room at Ikea and left it on the floor while looking for a hammer and nail. Katie thought the minute hand was a new cat toy!

Katie is a young tortie cat; beautiful, playful and friendly. It’s about time someone took her home.

Thank you for all your good wishes, advice, and support for Tommie!
I got some great tips and was able to help other people who are dealing with chronic kidney disease. With knowledge and treatment, cats with the condition can have good lives for years. The website Feline CRF is a wonderful resource. Tommie’s next check up and blood test is in a month. Please think good thoughts about Tommie and I’ll keep you posted!

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