Kitchen Cats


There are four cats living in the PAWS kitchen now. This is Brigit who comes with a pronunciation guide (“Bri-zheet”). She’s a very friendly polydactyl cat. The kitchen cats have lots of beds, a big window, and…


they have their very own sink.
This is 11 year old Max who hopped up to get a drink while I was filling their water bowl.

Brigit is available for adoption, with her sister Bjork (that’s Bee-york). Max would love a home of his own. Personable Freddy (or should I say catable Freddy?) rounds out the residents of the kitchen.

16 thoughts on “Kitchen Cats”

  1. We have not met Brigit and Bjork yet. I hope Max and Freddy get along with them like they did with Gracie and Zoe. 🙂

    Any picture of Max drinking water from the sink makes me chuckle. That cat is something else!

  2. What a great bunch you are! Your own private sink, that must be very cool. Big purrs to each of you for finding the right and perfect forever home where you are loved and cherished.

  3. We sure hope those two get a great home and Max drinking water in the sink is terrific. Hope all of you have a great day.

  4. Kitchen is one of my boys’ favorite place in the house. He is always around when I’m in the kitchen.
    I hope they will find their forever homes with nice kitchen and wonderful family 🙂

  5. Brigit and Max are adorable!!! I bet it’s kind of fun living in the kitchen too!
    But we also hope they have a kitchen and a sofa and a family of their very own soon.

  6. Clever Max!
    My sweet Cocoa used to love doing this, however today I had to get her out of the kitchen cabinet, the top cabinet where the drinking glasses are kept! Max there are top cabinets with drinking glasses in your future too! And many kisses for you and the other kitchen kitties.


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