Izzy… again


Do you think cats swear?
Because I imagine Izzy thinking, “Oh, crap. How did I end up back at PAWS again?” I featured her on this blog in the Spring of 2010. Click HERE to see. She’s as beautiful as ever.


I hope Izzy had a really nice life in the three years that she was gone, and that she’ll be adopted again soon – this time to a wonderful forever home.

17 thoughts on “Izzy… again”

  1. It broke our hearts to see Izzy was back at PAWS. She seems overwhelmed and confused. 🙁

    She did hang out with me on the couch for a good amount of time last weekend. And even let me pet her a bit.

  2. Oh poor sweetheart, that is just too sad. But I’m sure she will be getting some great luvvins from the awesome PAWS volunteers for sure. Huge purrs to Izzy for her new forever home to come forward shortly where she is truly cherished.

  3. Awwww, poor baby!!! I just wrote about a similar situation on my blog with poor Mason. I feel so bad for the babies who get returned for whatever reason.

    Izzy is a beautiful girl! I hope she finds her real forever home soon. I’ll share this post on my Facebook page.

  4. Oh Izzy, this just breaks my heart.. I’m sure she is happy to receive lots of love at PAWS, but I hope she will find really great furever home soon.

  5. She’s so beautiful! We just don’t get the return of kitties, but then again, better returned than something else not good. Sending adoption vibes! Purrs…

  6. Maggie, please let us know when this beautiful girl gets her home. Sundancey Boy is smitten and wants her to come to Dallas to be with us. He won’t quit asking about her.


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