Doesn’t she have the most beautiful eyes?
Gem is quiet, friendly, and available.


She’s nine years old, but has no problem jumping to the highest perch where she can supervise the dogs coming and going in the PAWS yard.

Adotion News!


Remember cute Ooshi Ooshi, ten year old tail chasing Justin, and the amazing leaping Igor? They’ve all been adopted in the last few weeks.


14 thoughts on “Gem”

  1. What a gorgeous intense girl. how I hope she find someone who will be able to look into those eyes and communicate with her soul. Both my cats are very used to communicating with long loving eye contact and it is so comforting. Love and luck to Gem and good news about the adoptees.

  2. Gem is such a beautiful girl! The name is purrfect for her! And she’s got such gorgeous tocks 🙂
    Congratulations to Ooshi Ooshi, Justin, and Igor!!

  3. Wow…Gem is one of the most gorgeous kitties I’ve ever seen.
    And Maggie…such BEAUTIFUL photos of her too! We know how hard it can be to photograph white cats. She is breathtaking.

    YAY for happy adoption news too!

  4. Gem is a great girl, and she is SO ready for a forever home. We have our paws crossed that it comes soon. We are so excited about those adoptions, especially Igor! 🙂

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