If at first…


you don’t succeed…




try again!

If only finding a new home were so easy.
Lenny and his brother Tony made their first appearance on this blog in January 2012. You can CLICK HERE to see them. These healthy young boys are still waiting at PAWS.

They are living in an open room with no cages and a big window where they enjoy bird watching, dog watching, and the company of other cats.

14 thoughts on “Lenny”

  1. I cannot believe that these two gorgeous boys are still waiting – orange kitties are the best! Hopefully there forever home comes soon and how wonderful that they are being kept together!!

  2. Oh this makes my heart sad to know these two sweet boys have been waiting SO long. Many purrs and prayers for them. They would bring so much fun and love with them to their forever home.

  3. Handsome Kitty boy!
    Gorgeous photos!
    He looks like a happy boy!
    Thank you PAWS for loving all kitties,
    and making it a home not a shelter.


  4. We sure hope that the purrfect person comes along and takes you two home to a great place. You are so cute and handsome too. Good luck to ya. We have our paws crossed for ya for sure.

  5. Lenny looks so cute and playful. Can’t believe he and Tony have been waiting for so long. I hope their future forever family is coming to adopt them soon!

  6. What a shame they have had to wait for so long, we are going to purr for them, that their family will find them soon. But they couldn’t be in a better place while they wait.

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