Introducing: Girl Cats of Paws


Marcy has been at PAWS since January. She’s a two year old gentle, friendly cat.eKit-e
Kit-e is a fun loving and energetic young calico.

And then there’s poor Pumpkin.
She’s had a hard month. She was shaved (don’t know why) and then brought to the shelter where she was released by her family. I’m sure her hair will grow back out and her mood will improve with the special TLC all cats get at PAWS.

This is just three of the beautiful adoptable cats, stay tuned!

13 thoughts on “Introducing: Girl Cats of Paws”

  1. Marcy looks so much like our dear Molly it brings tears to my eyes! Wish we could take her but the two you-know-whos would make her life miserable! And Pumpkin looks so much like my cousin’s Liam – who also arrived shaved! and is now a beautiful orange furry ball of love.

  2. Beauties, every one of them! Sweet Pumpkin, once everyone realizes you are a gorgeous and rare Ginger Princess, your forever home will be rushing to find you! Purrs…

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