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9 years ago

Justin is such a sweet and friendly mancat! And what an irresistible face, right?

Maggie, what is he chasing on the sofa? A laser? Or was he just having a crazypants moment? 🙂

9 years ago

Gee Justin, you don’t look 10 at all and hopefully that forever home will find you soon.

9 years ago

Wow he doesn’t look 10 years old! I love the video, he plays like kitten 🙂
I hope he will find furever home, with lots of toys and play time!

9 years ago

What a sweetie-boy!! No way does he look 10 years old!

9 years ago

Justin looks such a fun mancat to have around – he made us smile when he was chasing his tail. We will purr for him to get his furever home.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Justin looks very handsome.

Happy Gotcha Day to Mickey Mouser.

9 years ago

All the kitties here are so cute and we hope they all get a good home.

And happy Gotcha Day to Mickey Mouser.

9 years ago

Purrs Justin! With all that energy you will have a forever home in no time

I can’t believe he’s ten! Is he part Bengal? If so, Justin will need lots of exercise and a tall cat tree or perch

9 years ago

10 is the new 2! Justin is personality plus–what a handsome, ball of fun!

9 years ago

I can’t believe he is ten, either!! what a sweetheart!

9 years ago

Hey, Justin..nice to make your acquaintance, my furriend. Tinker here and we all came by to thank you and Maggie and all the kitties for helping us through our sadness over the loss of Tom. I know Gracie must have been waiting at the Bridge. He had many friends to show him around.

Tinker, Mom Julie, Mittens and Anastasia with Angel Tom

9 years ago

Yes never judge a kitty by their age – so I’ve learned over the years! A number means nothing.

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