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eErnieTugIf I had to choose the most friendly, loving cats at the shelter, Tug and Archie would be near the top of my list. That’s Archie wearing his signature toupee, and Tug below.

Tug is what’s called an “odd eyed cat” which is an odd way of saying this beautiful boy’s got one green eye and one blue. There are close ups HERE.

eTugErnieArchie and Tug are available at PAWS. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were adopted together?

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9 years ago

We agree! Kitties have friendships just like people and its a shame to have them broken up. Here’s to both of them finding a home together soon. Purrs!

9 years ago

We hope they will be able to stay together.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

9 years ago

Archie and Tug are both so cute! I love Archie’s toupee very much. So adorable. And Tug’s eyes are beautiful. I hope they will find furever home together and very soon!

9 years ago

We sure hope that they do get adopted together. We know they would like that. They are so cute together. We wish them the best.

9 years ago

What beautiful pictures you take! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed having a browse through your blog – and I sincerely hope that Archie & Tug (great names btw) can go to their forever home together!

Keep up the great work :))

9 years ago

I will be purring for the purrfect together forever home for you two sweeties!

9 years ago

Those two fellow will make some house a home!
Big Purrs of success to the Shelter Cats

9 years ago

It WOULD be wonderful for them to stay together. We just love Archie’s cute toupee!!! hehe!

And kitties with different eye colors are SO beautiful!!!

They are a couple of sweeties…I sure hope someone comes along and falls in love with them both!

9 years ago

What beautiful and gentle boys!!! We hope they find a safe and loving home soon…together 🙂

9 years ago

That would be wonderful.. It does happen.. and hopefully it happens sooner rather than later.

9 years ago

Ph Archie, we KNOW that’s not a toupee! What a handsome pair you and Tug are. We hope some lovely people come along soon and give you a wonderful home

Gerry & Mungo

9 years ago

Can we create a “Archie & Tug adoption cash stash” . . .
just a few dollars from each of us,
just enough so that if some one falls in love with one kitty
there is a little stash of cash from your loyal Shelter Cat followers
for them to take the other for free!
Although potential parents might be able to care for both cats,
the initial cash up front can be daunting.

The adoptive family should know where the stash came from and do let the family see these precious pictures and know how many people want these babies to stay together.

And just maybe when they can the new parents will want to pay it forward.
And if the stash of cash had a surplus, a Sundays at the Shelter Buddy Adoption fund could be set up at PAWS.

PAWS could save it for the next dynamic duo that needed to stay together. When funds are low we could each add a few more dollars. Knowing the exact kitty you are helping would be a very nice way to give.

Just a thought, but a lot of details to figure out I am sure.


9 years ago

If you have not already posted this bit of trivia from your other post near Tug, please do. A little positive advertising never hurts.

“According to Wikipedia, if Tug lived in Turkey, he’d be a national treasure, because ‘the eyes must be as green as the lake and as blue as the sky.’ ”


9 years ago

We can tell just by their eyes these two need to be adopted together! Purring hard that that happens and soon! PURRS…..

9 years ago

What handsome cats! I’d have a hard time passing them up!

What a purrfect pair!

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