Fannie and Buddy

Meet Fannie. She’s been at PAWS since early Spring. With her gleaming coat and bright eyes, you’d never guess that she’s thirteen years old.


eBuddyTen year old Buddy hasn’t been at the shelter long and is still making up his mind about this drastic change in his life. He is an “owner release”.

“Can I trust you to love me forever?”

7 thoughts on “Fannie and Buddy”

  1. What lovelies!! I hope that potential adopters will see past their age and recognize what wonderful friends they would make.

    It makes me crazy to think of kitties this age being abandoned – absolutely despicable!

  2. Owner release always makes us scratch our heads. I suppose there are some reasons but…
    These both are such good looking kitties if we were not in PA we may have another warm fur on the bed.
    Good Luck

  3. Fannie looks like a little girl 🙂 She is very pretty! I hope Buddy will find real forever family who loves him dearly. “Owner release” breaks my heart.

  4. May you find your real homes soon.
    Fannie, you are gorgeous!
    Buddy, you are gorgeous!
    And your stories are breaking my heart . . .

  5. We think Fannie is great! We have a hard time believing she is 13, too. We are just getting to know Buddy, but he seems like a very nice boy.

  6. What sweethearts…
    I can’t imagine ever “releasing” my kitties. It just breaks my heart. What warms it though is knowing these kitties are in the care of the wonderful volunteers of PAWS. We hope so very much that they both find real forever homes soon.
    Katie & Glogirly

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