13 thoughts on “The Paws That Refreshes…”

  1. Pepsi is really cute. We love his markings. And those puppies sure are cute. Hope they find those great homes really soon.

  2. OMC! Pepsi is melting my mom heart. What a cutie. The doggie pups are sweet too. Know these guys will have no problem finding a forever home.

  3. Better slogan mix up than
    “Wonder where the yellow went!”

    Precious babies all!
    And the sounds you must make to get everyone
    to look right at you . . .


  4. We bet Pepsi will bring some refreshment to his new forever home (we hear he got adopted this week)! 🙂

    And Hedy and Fanny are just too cute. We always say hi to them when we volunteer at the shelter!

  5. Pepsi is very handsome. He got such beautiful eyes and shiny coat!
    The puppies are very adorable. I hope they find furever home very soon!

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