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8 years ago

Wow, that is one good jumping cat and one good photographer. Well done on everyone’s part. Great pictures.
Take care.

8 years ago

Wow!!! Igor you are such an athlete – we can’t believe those high jumps you do. We hope you are going to be adopted very soon and have a wonderful life.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

8 years ago

I love that shot of him facing out – middle right. xo

Wow, Igor is gorgeous with those mackerel tabby markings and he’s bright and athletic like Odin. (maybe it’s tabby/white thing.)

8 years ago

Wooow! Igor is truly amazing!! What an impressive jump!
He is so playful and extremely cute!!

8 years ago

WOW! Handsome and talented! We hope your forever home jumps in soon sweetie!

8 years ago

Igor just stole my heart!! xx

8 years ago

Golly Gee Whiskers Igor you are really and Acro-Cat! Wonderfur markings on your sides too. I think lucky person will make you an offer of a fun forever home really soon!

Oh wow! Concats Igor!

8 years ago

Excellent Good Boy!
Great way to show off your magnificent markings!
Kudos to you and your stylist.


8 years ago

Or should we say AIR Igor!!!
You’ve got the moves, buddy!
You are going to make someone VERY happy in your new forever home.

8 years ago

Whoa! Igor, you are one acrobatic kitty!

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