12 thoughts on “Rocky and Nubbins”

  1. Just look at them! How can they not already be adopted (and together–lol)?

    It just kills me to see cats and kittens stuck in shelter cages. Wouldn’t it be lovely if every shelter could be house-like, with all the cats loose in different rooms? Of course some small, isolated rooms/areas for cats that need to be separate.

    At the shelter the boys came from, some of the cats are in cages, some roam freely. They have a kitten room, a quiet room, etc. It’s a pretty run-down place, too small, too crowded, but they do have windows for bird TV, climbing stands, etc.

    My own city’s shelter, however, is terrible. Tiny cages, no windows at all, the cats don’t socialize…it’s depressing, definitely not good for the cats.

    Anyway, purrs from Nicki and Derry that these two sweethearts find wonderful and true forever homes.

  2. Oh they are so cute! Enjoyed the video…it’s nice they play with each other 🙂
    I hope they will find forever homes where they run around and play very soon!

  3. LOVE this!
    Kitties are so GOOD & SMART!
    Maybe these two need a double wide,
    so they can really play together . . .
    Or at least a face to face play date!
    Great music and title card too.
    _• •_

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