Gorgeous George

Some fortunate cats have a short wait at the shelter for their new homes. Of course it helps if you’re very beautiful and affectionate like two year old George. He only spent two months at PAWS.
You may remember Santana. She made many appearances here during her two years at the shelter. If you type her name into the search box on the right side of the blog you’ll see her history at PAWS. It’s a mystery why this wonderful cat was overlooked, but now Santana’s got a new home.
So long sweethearts!

6 thoughts on “Gorgeous George”

  1. Oh yay for George and Santana!!
    It sure is mystery that It took two years for Santana to find forever home! She is gorgeous! I hope they will have wonderful new life with their forever families!

  2. We’re so happy for George and Santana! Room 5 is not the same without them. Of course, their lives — and those of their new families — have changed forever, too (and in the best way possible). 🙂

  3. Thank you so much for posting these adoptions.
    I love hearing when babies find their homes!


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