Tommie, Gracie, and Mickey Mouser

Our cats have taken over the blog today! They have been interviewed by the fabulous Funny Farmer Felines for the online magazine Mousebreath.
CLICK HERE to read the interview.
This is a rare photograph of all three cats together (without the use of photoshop).
Tommie and Mickey get along fine.
But three’s a crowd.

Thank you for visiting, Funny Farmers!

10 thoughts on “Tommie, Gracie, and Mickey Mouser”

  1. Great pictures of your children and that little Mickey Mouser is a funny little boy! Thank goodness Ms Gracie is so precocious, she had all the smart answers! I think Tommie is right, they need a blog of their own, too many cute pictures going unshared!

    Love the link to your Lucky Cat paper doll book.
    Hope everyone sees the the link to buy it since the free book has long ago been given away. Just in case they missed it, they can cut & paste this:

    And don’t forget to review Lucky Cat for Maggie at Amazon, Dover or Barnes and Noble! I know she would never mention that, but I can! I think her work is wonderful! Now Maggie, do not edit this out!


  2. I loved reading your interview at Mousebreath and learning more about you. I think what you do for all the shelter cats is wonderful.

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