This is Rocky. He’s a wonderful 10 week old kitten and he’s already adopted!
You can see from the photograph how outgoing and curious he is.
The formative years in children extend from birth to eight years old.

With kittens, the all important formative period for socialization is measured in weeks! At PAWS, the fostering program ensures that the adoptable kittens have the very best start. Rather than confining the furry little babies in cages at the shelter, they stay in volunteer’s homes receiving lots of love and attention.

When they’re old enough for adoption, they’re brought back to PAWS.

10 thoughts on “Rocky”

  1. Love love love that little black chin! AND the very pink nosey too. PAWs does really great work with the kitties. Keep it up!

  2. What a cute baby! So happy he has already gotten his forever home.
    It’s great kittens at PAWS go to foster home to have the best start!

  3. He is one kyoot little fellow and is going to grow into a magnificent Man-Cat.
    Purrs of happiness in your forever home little man-cat!

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