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Patches II

There’s more than one cat named Patches at PAWS now, so this pretty girl has been designated “Patches II”. As you can see, she’s a dilute calico with beautiful markings. Only about two years old, she’s friendly and very active.

She must be placed with her brother Rusty, who is shy and wasn’t ready yet for a photo session. I’ll try to show you her handsome orange tiger companion next time… well, actually, I hope they won’t be at the shelter that long!

Kittens Fiver (black male) and Trudy (tortie female) are looking for a family to call their own too.

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9 years ago

I sure hope Patches and her Brother get a together home soon. Oh my, those kittens are so cute!

9 years ago

Patches II is so beautiful. And SO sweet and sociable. She LOVES people, and Rusty is starting to get used to being at PAWS, too. 🙂

Fiver and Trudy are adorable.

9 years ago

What a sweet and lovely trio of kitties. The calicos are so nicely marked! Purrs that their families find them all soon!

9 years ago

Patches II is beautiful! I love her markings very much. I hope she and Rusty find forever home together and very soon!

9 years ago

We are purring for Fiver and Trudy to have their furever home together and also for Patches and Rusty to stay together too.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

They are so cute! I too hope they can find their furrever home soon!

9 years ago

What a cute little lady. Hope that Rusty comes out to see for himself that there is real Love in the world! I bet watching his Sisfur will do the trick.
We all just love little Fiver and Trudy!
Good luck to all the kitties!

9 years ago

I don’t think they will be at the shelter long!! Such sweethearts xx

9 years ago

Love Fiver’s alien ears!
Reminds me of my Sweet Hershey.
It took forever for him to grow into his ears.

(Are you sure the tortie isn’t Fourtie?)
Is there a a Oner, Twoer & Threer?

1 . . 2 . . 3 . . 4 . . 5 . .

9 years ago

Oh I so hope they get homes together. I love to see kitties get to live together. We are sending lots of purrs that some really nice people come and adopt them.

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