Me and my Shadow

Today is Tommie’s birthday. At least, it’s our best guess at the date. He wobbled out of the woods in front of our house 15 years ago; a tiny, hungry, absolutely adorable 6 week old kitten.
He’s luxuriating in the early Spring sunshine, inviting tummy rubs.
He is my sunshine.

18 thoughts on “Me and my Shadow”

  1. Happy Birthday Tommie – you were very cute as a kitten but just look at you now – such a handsome mancat. Now be careful cos our Mum wants to give that lovely tummy a rub followed by a kiss.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Hi Tommie!
    *The Tomcats line up*

    Happy Birfday to Tommie!
    Happy Birfday to Tommie!
    Cause this is the big 15th Birfday!
    Happy Birfday to Tommie!

    Yay Dood! Many returns

  3. Put down that camera, and rub that poor kitties tummy, Mom. (or is that captivating tummy a trap?)

    Happy Purrrrthday, Tommie. We hope you all had a great day together.

  4. Happy birthday, Tommie! We are so glad you and your mom and dad found each other all those years ago. We love you all, and hope your day is extra special!

  5. Happy birthday Tommie! You are such a sweetheart and bright sunshine! I hope you enjoyed extra happy day with spring sunshine!!

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