Six year old Grace’s cage card reads “owner-release”. She came to PAWS last month and is still adjusting to shelter life.

Gracie enjoys being petted and loves attention.

She has calico patched tabby markings. That combination, according to wikipedia, is called “caliby”. What ever it’s called, she’s beautiful.

10 thoughts on “Grace”

  1. Look at those gorgeous eyes!

    Our immediate reaction is to judge the owner, of course (as if any human ever “owns” another Being), but we don’t know what has happened in that person’s life.

    What we do hope is that Grace finds a wonderful, loving forever home soon, and that she lives a long and happy life in that new home.

  2. Glad I read Fuzzy Tales comment because I was going to be so upset with the owner for giving up such a gorgeous cat. She is right, we don’t know what the circumstances were, but regardless, this breaks my heart. Praying this gorgeous girl finds a home soon. She is obviously used to lots of loving.

  3. Oh no it is so sad… 🙁 I hope Gracie will find her forever home very quickly. Her caliby markings are very beautiful!

  4. Grace you really are pretty. Too bad your owners had to give you up. Hope you find your perfect home really soon. Take care.

  5. Oh sweet Grace…. we are so sorry your owner had to release you. Can’t imagine how hard it must be to adjust. You’re so very beautiful…we’re (((purring))) a new family comes along and falls in love with your sweetness.

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