Cat Room #1

In this room at PAWS, there is a large cage where many cats have found temporary shelter while waiting for their new forever homes.
All of the cats below are graduates within the last year.
Hippity and Hoppity recently moved in after Scoots and Louie went home. These two sweet and shy black and white cats have been in the shelter for two years now. I’m hoping the luck of this cage will continue, and they will be adopted soon.
This is 5 year old Hippity.
When I cleaned their cage Hoppity was feeling worried about the disruption and joined Hippity for comfort. They are very devoted to each other.

9 thoughts on “Cat Room #1”

  1. They are SO bonded. It makes me sad that Hippity and Hoppity are so shy, but I know the right home is out there somewhere. Luckily, they are at PAWS, so they will be loved and cared for until they find it.

  2. Thank you for the review of gorgeous Graduates.
    So nice to know they have their homes!
    Hope Hip & Hop will be happy at their home soon.


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