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9 years ago

I think that box is adorable! OMG Gracie! Your white paws are sooooooooooo kissable!!

9 years ago

Excellent Good Box!
Nice tape!

But now . . .
Rafie Ella,
Sundancey Boy &
Sweet Cocoa want one!

Thanks, Maggie.

9 years ago

That looks like the work of Rick!

Looks like they are having SO MUCH FUN!! Reminds me of the refrigerator box where we were little!

9 years ago

Wow, your Mom is very clever to fix that box like that. Our Mom is taking notes and is going to see if she can fix one for us. All you kitties are so cute. Have a great Saturday evening.

9 years ago

We think that is such a cool box!

Lucy and Mitzi
9 years ago

That is sooooo cool. Our mom will make one for us, as soon as we tell her that she gets to order something really big from Amazon first!

9 years ago

What a fabulous idea for recycling a box! We may have an Amazon box that’s just the right size still around here somewhere….

9 years ago

We think that’s a pawsome box!! We like the leopard tape!!

The Florida Furkids

9 years ago

OMC! What a great box! We love how you remodeled it to make a house. The mom says she may try that for us.

9 years ago

What a pawsome box – we would love one like that.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

9 years ago

Wow, Mom Maggie sure did a great job of fixing up that box for you kittehs! Gracie, we sure hope you get a turn soon. 🙂


9 years ago

Tommie, you have some serious paws.

We love that box house. We gotta get Dad to make one next time he has a box big enough.

9 years ago

That’s a PAWSOME box!!! And look at the cool animal print tape!!!
I’d say you got the better end of the deal no matter what was in that box.
; ) Katie

9 years ago

I think that is one heck of a nice box too! I hope you get your turn soon sweet Gracie!

9 years ago

Reminds me of the good old days! xo

9 years ago

Wow that’s very good looking box! I’m sure my Goro will love it!

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