16 thoughts on “Bird Watching”

  1. Those wild turkeys were probably thinking it looked pretty nice inside your house! …and given it’s not Thanksgiving, maybe even safe! ; )

    Oscar’s a cutie…lovin’ his hammock! We hope someone falls in love with him very soon and brings him home. xo

  2. Yikes!
    It’s a scene from an Alfred Hitchcock movie!
    Looks scary to me, beautiful, but scary.
    That is one brave pussycat!

    And that Oscar is certainly no grouch.
    He has the right idea, safe and snug.


  3. OMC, if the boys saw wild turkeys I think they’d have a stroke. LOL. Actually, I can’t imagine how they’d react!

  4. Wow, those turkeys came right up to your house, didn’t they, Mickey? Good for Oscar … we bet he’s enjoying some snuggly warmth in his new forever home. 🙂

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