Shelter Hunk

May I introduce my candidate for Shelter Hunk: nine year old Sydney.
This gorgeous boycat has been at PAWS for over a month. With his outgoing friendly personality, I’m thinking that he won’t be at the shelter much longer.

Chi-Lan came to PAWS around the same time. She’s a three year old Siamese Sealpoint and has already left the shelter for her new home!

9 thoughts on “Shelter Hunk”

  1. You are one good looking dude Sydney and I hope that special forever home spots you really soon! Hoory, hooray for Chi-Lan!

  2. Wow Sydney you are a furry handsome fellow and we’re sure you’ll be in the arms of a loving family very soon.
    We think Chi Lan has wonderful eyes and are so pleased she has already found her furever family.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Wow Sydney is really handsome! His fluffy fur is so gorgeous 🙂
    Chi-Lan is beautiful and so happy she already has her new home!

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