Poor Princess

Once upon a time there was a cat named Princess Margaret Rose. One sad day she was exiled from her kingdom, brought to PAWS, and put in a cage.
Princess Margaret Rose has many new friends and admirers among the staff and volunteers at the shelter.
She’s waiting patiently for her new happily-ever-after forever home.

13 thoughts on “Poor Princess”

  1. We will never ever understand “owner release” after so many years. How cruel. Paws crossed for Miss Rose. We have an 8 year old released by owner and no one wants her now for over 7 months. At least all the volunteers love her lots. Sad ears, Savannah

  2. Heart breaking in Texas for Princess Margaret Rose.
    Kitties only get better as they grow up.
    Kiss her for me.


  3. It breaks my heart to see that some owner would surrender an elderly kitty for whatever reason. Sure hope the Princess would get a loving forever home.

  4. We just don’t get it, either. Princess Margaret Rose is SO sweet. Surely she must have been loved very much by someone. We will give her lots of love until she finds a new loving home.

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