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Hard to believe, but her people moved and left her behind.

Vivian is a bit worried about her situation and didn’t want to get out of the cage to explore the room. She’s very sweet- loves to be petted and really wants attention.

Vivian is 8 years old and isn’t holding any grudges.
She’s ready to love another family.

She’s got such pretty markings too!

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9 years ago

Vivian, we hope you find the best Christmas forever home, sweet furriend.


9 years ago

Poor sweet Vivian. We purrs and pray that your real family comes for you really soon sweetie.

9 years ago

I will never ever understand how people can do this (maybe it’s best that I don’t). It is unforgivable. I wish for her a deserving family to shower her with love for the rest of her precious life.

9 years ago

We feel like crying for Vivian – what a callous thing to do. We are purring hard for her and hope she gets a wonderful loving home soon.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

9 years ago

Vivian, you sure are pretty. We so hope you find a wonderful loving home. We will keep our paws crossed for you.

9 years ago

Her face looks like a painting! How in the WORLD could people just leave a kitty behind like that? I can’t stand it. It tears my heart out!!!

9 years ago

Your a very pretty cat and i know u will find a family soon. love to u from my family stephan and cassie who were also abandoned.

9 years ago

Oh such a sweet girl. How can anyone abandon their pet??? I’ll never understand.
xo, GG

Angel MoMo
9 years ago

Can’t imagine how anyone could just leave a kitty behind after 8 years. Hope she gets a loving forever home soon.

9 years ago

gah! people! Vivian is beautiful! we hope she’ll have a new real furrever home again soon. We love the pictures you take of the kitties 🙂 and thanks for the info on the ham-micks! purrs,

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

9 years ago

Vivian is AMAZING. We spent some great time with her this afternoon. She loves to be brushed and petted, and she came out of her cage to lie down on top of the newspaper bin (with a towel on top of it). She purred SO loud, and enjoyed hanging with Tracey and me. 🙂

9 years ago

Oh Vivian, I can’t believe your people just abandoned you. I hope you find a real loving family to celebrate many Christmases from this year!

Vivian’s story is far too common in these hard economic times. Her beautiful eyes show she has hope for a happy 2013!

9 years ago

Vivian, someone else loss will be a forever family’s gain. So beautiful you are. We’ll send extra purrs that you find your forever family soon. Purrs…

9 years ago

like others have said,I cannot understand how after 8 years someone can dump (surrender is too nice) their family cat, dog and call it humane. They did not deserve the years of love this cat gave them. I ache for sweet Vivian who never did anything to deserve such abandonment. Mom and Dad volunteer at a private no kill rescue where they found me, at Kitty Corner, and we have senior cats who are dumped because the ‘owners’ don’t want them anymore…shameful, just sayin’…paw pats, Savannah

9 years ago

Oh dear sweet Vivian, you are a beautiful girl. We send our biggest purrs and prayers your way to find a loving forever home shortly with a wonderful family that truly cherishes you.

Lucy and Mitzi
9 years ago

Vivian has had a very hard time.
In this season of peace and love, let’s not be too hard on her former family. Perhaps they moved to someplace where they couldn’t have a furbaby, and have broken hearts themselves.
Just sayin’

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