14 thoughts on “Two by Two”

  1. Wow, that is such good news,especially that they got to go home with their friends. That will make it so much easier for both of them to get used to their new home.

  2. Yea!!!!
    Chill bumps, so happy for all the babies by twos
    and the sweet baby mama to have her own home alone!
    Thank you universe for people smart enough to adopt big kitties!
    Merry Christmas indeed!


  3. This makes me so happy! These three pairs of kitties are all really special. I hope shy Kosmo and Kramer went home with someone who is patient and will take the time to coax them out of their shell. I know they have the potential to be really great pets to their lucky human(s), and they are beautiful cats. I’ll also really miss the crazy affectionate Bazooka Joe (having him climb all over me and greedily demand my attention was recently one of my favorite things about volunteering at the shelter), but I’m so thrilled for him. By the way, I wonder if the stuffed rabbit went home with Boone and Logan?

  4. Oh, that is such great news! We love when kitties are adopted together. Feline family members or friends like to stay together, just like people.

  5. Omgosh!!!!! SO so so so so happy for Kosmo & Kramer! I’ve been following them on your blog for a very long time. Made my day to read this!

  6. Hi Chris, Thanks for writing.
    I typed “Kosmo and Kramer” into the search box on my blog and they came up in 10 posts in the last year! Including last December when they were adopted briefly and returned. I love those two and I hope they’re happy in their new home.

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