Bubble Gum Cats

The girl kittens, calico Gumball and torti Juicyfruit, have already been adopted.

Wrigley, shown above, is a perfect cat for all moods. Show him a feather toy and he leaps amazing heights with focus and wild abandon. Sit down, and he’ll crawl into your lap purring with joy.

So, why hasn’t he been adopted yet?

Brother Bazooka Joe is slightly more quiet, but just as affectionate.
They are healthy young cats and ready to make some family very happy.

10 thoughts on “Bubble Gum Cats”

  1. And they are so handsome too! We hope they find their families soon so they can share all their wonderful selves with someone.

  2. We hope they get adopted together, they are so sweet! Mom Julie’s daughter has a cow kitty with a little black nose spot just like Bazooka Joe!


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