The Calm Before The Storm

Last weekend Tommie and I celebrated the change of seasons.

He checked out the last bits of catnip in the garden.

And he judged it a very fine year for nip.

We are getting back to normal here in Connecticut after the storm. PAWS never lost electrical power, so the shelter cats were safe.

Shadow and Sparky

This is Shadow. His brother Sparky is hanging out in his hammock below.

These are two very fine cats waiting for homes at PAWS. They have a funny habit of splashing the water in their bowls. Quite often they need dry bedding when they’ve been too enthusiastic. I wonder where they learned that trick? Is it genetic? Maybe they were fishing cats.

10 thoughts on “The Calm Before The Storm”

  1. Those greys are so beautiful. And Tommie is as handsome and sweet as ever.

    My big cat Sam Panda prefers to drink from running water. When he can’t have it, he makes his own by running his paw through the water dish so the water is in motion. There is always a big puddle around the dish and plenty of splashes.

  2. Spanky and Shadow sure are good looking cats and they look like such nice cats too. They have that happy look on their faces. We sure hope they find a home really really soon. Love the leave design.. Take care.

  3. Looks like Tommie is enjoying the nip very much 🙂 It must be fun to roll around on the grass.
    Shadow and Sparky are both very handsome!

  4. So glad you are all ok. Our seasons have already changed here…barely a leaf to be found! Shadow and Sparky look sweet and happy…but we know they’d be even happier with a family to call their own. (((purrs)))
    xo, Katie & Glogirly

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