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9 years ago

That is something to be thankful for each and every day! Happy Thanksgiving from all of us to all of you!

9 years ago

What a wonderful Thanksgiving they will have!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours 🙂

9 years ago

I am grateful that Maggie shares her love for cats,
giving her time and using her considerable talents
to post endearing pictures to help all these kitty cats find their homes.

… ❤.❤.❤ …

9 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We wish all kitties lots of yummy Turkey!

9 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving xx

Awww I like happy endings!
Happy Thanksgiving!

9 years ago

Oh, we bet they will have a wonderful Thanksgiving, indeed! 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family (human and furry), Maggie!

9 years ago

Home. Such a simple word and something so very important. How wonderful these kitties will be curling up on their sofas and cuddling with their new families.
A perfect Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving from Katie & Glogirly.
We are so very thankful for your friendship.

psssst! We’re having a PINK Friday Giveaway at tomorrow!

9 years ago

Oh Sabre. that is so exciting that you found a good home especially since you are black. You sure are a pretty kitty. Take good care.

9 years ago

Oh what a cutie!!

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