A Very Special Offer

Santana, “Will it finally be my turn to get a home?”

PAWS is joining the Best Friends Animal Society in the 9 Lives for $9 national cat adoption event. The age of the cats must be 9 months and older, the length of the promotion is 9 days (November 10-18), and the drastically reduced adoption fee is $9!

Don’t worry, the PAWS match makers (adoption counselors) will be as careful as ever to make sure the cats will go to good forever homes.

Warner is waiting.

I hope you can take advantage of this opportunity to bring home a new family member who will love you forever. PAWS is located in Norwalk Connecticut. Click HERE for a list of participating shelters in other states.

At this price, brothers Lenny and Tony are a real steal!

Support PAWS• Look Cool!

Hendrick Boards is offering this T-shirt for $24.99 and PAWS will receive $10 of it (a dollar more than a cat!). Click HERE to order.

11 thoughts on “A Very Special Offer”

  1. What a PAWSOME promotion!!!
    We sure hope LOTS of kitties find their forever families with the help of this clever and generous promotion!
    Nine is Fine!
    Katie & Gogirly

  2. Great idea!
    Hope their is some good advertising for this so that
    people will know to come and adopt twice that many sweet babies.

  3. Wonderful idea! Best wishes to the kitties. Hope they get their loving forever homes in this promotion.

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