Everett is shy, undemanding, and sweet.

Approach him gently, and he is so happy for a little loving touch.

You can see how frightened he was from the photograph taken when he was brought to PAWS. But Everett isn’t holding any grudges even though his last home was abusive.

Thundershirt Update

It was time for Mickey Mouser’s annual visit to the vet. It was much easier to get him into the carrier when he was wearing the Thundershirt.

He was unhappy but stayed calm and patient.

“Can we go home yet?”
(I purchased the shirt at Petco. This review of the product is my ongoing search for scaredy cat solutions and not in any way recompensed by the manufacturer.)
With Hurricane Sandy on the way I wish I had a people-sized Thundershirt!

12 thoughts on “Everett”

  1. We sure hope you stay good and safe if the Hurrican is coming to you. We have all our paws crossed for you. Take care.

  2. Everett is a “Derry,” only with bigger ears. What a sweet face. 🙂

    Ditto for Mickey Mouser–very similar colouring. I have a soft spot for those grey tabbies!

    Please stay safe and be well! We’re getting the tail end of the storm, as it swings up and over the Great Lakes, but *so far* our particular area has only a wind warning in effect.

  3. Everett looks so much better than in his initial picture! He really is a love when approached slowly. 🙂

    We are glad the Thundershirt helped Mickey Mouser.

    Stay safe, Maggie.

  4. We’re still trying to figure out the sizing on the Thundershirts. The medium was tiny and the large was gigantic…thinking maybe something was mismarked. I really want to try this with Katie. : )

    Everett is SO handsome. How sad that he was abused. What’s wrong with people? Such beautiful photos of him now. Someone is sure to fall in love.

    xo, Katie & Glogirly

  5. These sweet faces are melting my heart. Of course I think no kittie is cuter than the tabby.
    Contratulations on Tommie’s win at the Tabby Cat Club event ~ Halloween/Fall contest. I thought his photo was so sweet. Mom sent you an email and needs informaton so we can get your winning gift to you, paw picked out just for you.

  6. Everett is so cute! Poor baby looked scared at first but looks more relaxed and happy now 🙂
    We got thundershirt, too and it is supposed to be delivered this Friday. We’ll see how it will work for our boys.

  7. Always wondered about the thundershirt. Charlotte is a bit of a scaredy cat and absolutely hates the PTU and going in the car. Her annual vet visit is looming and without her mom I am a little weary about taking her there myself.

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