Shelter Cats, Shelter Kittens

Decisions, Decisions…

Some weeks when I get home from the shelter and look at my photographs,
I have a hard time deciding what to share on the blog.
Maybe a beautiful tabby kitten like little Vea?

Looking through the window at the cats in Room #4 who are waiting for a visit
(they’ve been redecorating).

You’ve seen Kosmo and Kramer before on the blog, but what a sweet pose!

For more kitten cuteness, visit my friends at Animal Shelter Volunteer life. They have some adorable action shots of Bobble, Vea’s gray brother.

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These sweet kitties sure know how to pose! Such cute photos 🙂 purrrrs xx

9 years ago

They are all so very cute, but the Vea photo is stunning!

9 years ago

OMC! We wouldn’t be able to decide either! Vea looks so adorable! Purrs…

9 years ago

Such amazing shots! We could look at your photos for, like, forever! How DO you decide? 🙂

Thanks for the shout out, Maggie!

d'Artagnan Rumblepurr
9 years ago

So many sweet little ones, I hope they all find perfect forever homes.

9 years ago

Those are such good photos. That one of Kosmo and Kramer is the best. Hope they all find a wonderful home. I think good pictures like that is so important to helping the cats find a home. Take care.

9 years ago

We love Kosmo and Kramer being paw in paw – the only thing is Mum was squeeing so loud our ears hurt!
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

9 years ago

I love 2nd photo, everyone is looking at camera?
I saw Bobble, what a sweetheart!

9 years ago

Fantastic pictures. The last one is just too cute and we love the redecorating in cat room 4

9 years ago

The More the Merrier!
Thanks, Maggie!

9 years ago

Such great pics! Terrific photography!!

9 years ago

Each of these pictures should be on its own individual greeting card. They are beyond adorable!

Angel MoMo
9 years ago

What a good photographer you are! Hope these would help the gorgeous kitties find their forever homes.

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