Our Mickey Mouser looks pretty relaxed here, but he panics easily. Vacuum cleaners and friendly visitors all send him into hiding. Knowing we were going to have loud workers around our house, we decided to try a Thundershirt.

The pressure of the snug fitting shirt is supposed to have a calming effect on cats and dogs. It’s very nicely made and was fairly easy to put it on him. Mickey immediately laid down on my lap, but I wondered, is that because I pulled the velcro straps too tight? I loosened it a bit, and he seemed comfortable.

Does this cat look calm to you?

Actually, this is an improvement. Mickey is on high alert but he’s not hiding. The Thundershirt isn’t the miracle I hoped for, but it seems to help.
Next time we go to the vet he’ll certainly be wearing it.

Has anybody got scaredy cat suggestions?

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  1. Whisky (dog) is afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms so we got her a Thundershirt. It was no miracle “cure” but we did notice it seem to work better if we have it on BEFORE the scary event.
    I did read that while dogs feel better being cuddled, it isn’t the same with cats (during frightening events) so the review is kinda mixed when it comes to the Thundershirt for cats.
    But it does seem that Mickey did show some “improvement” after wearing the shirt, so that’s good! 🙂
    Have you considered Spirit Essence that’s promoted by Jackson Galaxy? I have never tried it (can’t get it here) but it seem to have good reviews.

  2. I’ve read about these before but never thought about using one for Katie until you described Mickey…that’s very much how Katie is. Extremely scared of visitors. I think I’m going to try it! Of course I have to actually get it ON her! …there’s that.
    ; ) Glogirly

  3. WE don’t have any great ideas, but we do use the Calming treats and they work a little bit. But I don’t know anything that will get them over being afraid of loud noises. As they get older, they get better. I have two older cats that hang out when I mow the grass and the rest are totally out of here.

  4. We considered a Thundershirt for Farnsworth in his later years when he became very anxious. Some experts also recommend a tight tee shirt. For kitties you would probably need either baby or doll clothes!!

  5. Hi Meezers! Yes, we did try the calming collar. We didn’t see much difference- although the other cats thought he smelled very interesting.

  6. One of my boys gets scared very easily and actually I’ve been considering to get the thundershirt for him for vet visit or when we have visitor. Sounds like it is helping for Mickey Mouser…I should go ahead and get one!

  7. “Varoom Varoom”

    My shy sweet Cocoa kitty is afraid of loud noises and visitors too.
    For noises that I know are going to happen, like the vacuum or coffee grinder,
    I say “Varoom varoom,” and she knows something is coming. Once she made the connection with the word and the sound that would follow it has really helped.

    They are so smart, she figured it out very quickly. I say “Varoom varoom,” and she is out of there like greased lightening. In the beginning she looked like a cartoon character, squealing her tires on the rims making the hard left to get out of the kitchen. At first I said it a little louder than my normal voice and after a while just my normal voice. I could even whisper it and get the same, “I am outta here” reaction. I do tell her when I am “all done” so she can come back.

    Now she walks out of the room nonchalantly when I say varoom or when I vacuum she watches me casually and only leaves when I get to her side of the room, which is a major improvement. The best part is she only goes upstair and not under the bed. Knowing what is coming makes all the difference. Good luck in a thunderstorm! I suppose if you see the lightening you could give the warning word you choice.

    The secret is being consistent. The big trick is getting everyone, even your house guests to say “Varoom varoom.” And good luck if you are lucky enough to have help doing the cleaning

    Varoom Varoom, I am outta here . . .
    this post was much too long!

    And Mickey you look like a Rock Star in your outfit!


  8. hi maggie, i wonder if it would work on Finn. where did you get it; i’m also thinking of getting the calming collar. he looks wonderful . brett

  9. Mickey is a handsome dude! We’ve never heard of a thundershirt. How is it supposed to work? Its a strange idea, but if it works. . .

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