15 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend”

  1. What are you three yelling about?? What a good looking threesome. Hope you have a great Labor day week end too. Take care.

  2. Wow, what the heck!? Are you all tired and giving out some giant yawns or yelling about something? Hope you are all having a nice Labor Day weekend. Thanks for the Paw of Approval award for the Tabby Cat Club members. I have posted it at the club and made a note to our members to copy and take one home with them when they visit if they don’t already have one.

  3. Thanks for your idea for our destination trip this year to be at Catmandu. I know nothing about this but I am hoping it wins so we can go to a brand new place. I will let you know where we are going after the drawing and I announce it in a post.

  4. Labor Day yawns!! It’s a human thing where we celebrate working by not doing a darn thing. The only time of year humans take after cats..:)


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