From the Kitten Room

Heard in the Kitten Room:

“They untied my shoelaces again.”

“Ut oh, there are four kittens in this cage. Now I only see three. What’s that noise in the trash can?”

“Argh! He climbed up my leg!”

“Oh no. I just cleaned that cage. They dumped the litter box all over!”

“Look out! There’s one right behind you.”

PAWS has many beautiful kittens available for adoption.

14 thoughts on “From the Kitten Room”

  1. OMC I am dying from cuteness! You need a tweet button and a facebook share button on your posts so that we can share these with our networks and help find them homes.

  2. Maggie, your photos of these babies are so wonderful that
    I always think they are at a Kitty Spa until I see the bars.

    Love the idea of network links to find them homes faster.

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